Cash & Carry

Yangan is a quaint historic country town with a rich history. Yangan is located in the Southern Downs Region along the Settlers’ Route, just beyond the Great Dividing Range. It is a comfortable and amazing scenic experience as you drive two hours west from Brisbane, QLD. Whilst commonly attracting many tourists on day drives, camping trips, bush walks, mountain bike riding and trail rides, Yangan provides the perfect location to stop and enjoy what the beautiful local area has to offer.

Yangan Cash & Carry is a small, family owned convenience store and cafe. The YCC is widely known by Yangan’s local community as their historic corner store running now for 130 years. For over 13 years of managing the Yangan Cash & Carry, we have been solely dedicated to our local community by employing and supporting local consumers and suppliers.

Yangan as the first destination along the incredible Settlers’ Route, next stop from Aratula, it is the YCC that can provide locals, tourists and regional workers with delicious homemade meals, hot and cold beverages, confectionary items and snacks, fresh food & local produce, fuel and a wide range of everyday necessities.

Our commitment to Yangan has involved providing opportunities to boost community camaraderie and inspire the town’s potential by pushing the boundaries. Yangan Cash & Carry is very much apart of the Sustainable family — owning a bigger purpose for our local community. We share and incorporate sustainable principles along with our business’s image as to empower sustainable living to all demographics and to inspire total respect for the environment we live in. The possibilities for Yangan’s small yet bold community are limitless and with our local motivation, we are dedicated to serving and facilitating Yangan’s potential.

Our local roots seek to educate tourists about Yangan and its surrounding areas, and in return we appreciate learning more about the individuals who pass through Yangan’s historic route.

So why not stop in on your way through, via your journey along the spectacular Settlers’ Route, and let Yangan Cash & Carry cook you a delicious homemade meal or just to have a chat!